We need funds before it is too late!

Hethersett Our Way engaged a planning consultant to put together a professional response on behalf of villagers who object to the outline planning application. The consultant has viewed all the relevant documentation (quite a task in itself) and submitted a professional report that, alongside the objections from residents, will provide us with a better chance of getting the planning application refused.

To pay for this service we need to raise £1,800.

In fact, to get the best benefit from this professional consultant we need to raise enough funds to have him represent us at the planning meeting as well.

There are around 2,500 households in Hethersett so it shouldn’t have been too hard to raise £1,800 but we are struggling …

Many people have already been generous and we have collected approximately £1,100 but we are £700 short of our target to pay for the report and need to reach out to residents to collect more funds. If you can donate a few pounds then this money will go directly to paying for the professional representation we need to help keep Hethersett a good place to live.

A small number of people have put in a lot of time, effort and money into this campaign – we now need support from everyone in the village who feels strongly about protecting our lovely village to help us reach our goal before time runs out. Please tell your neighbours and encourage them to donate too.

To donate cash please see Phil at the Post Office in Hethersett.

If you have ideas for fundraising we would love to hear about them – email info@hethersett-ourway.org.uk

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