So the South Norfolk consultation has closed – what next?

The South Norfolk Local Development Framework has now closed and the Council will not publish its preferred options, setting out which sites and boundaries it is supporting until Spring 2012.

But our work is far from done – Hethersett Land has submitted a planning application (ref 2011/1804) already to build 1196 houses on land to the north of Hethersett. Yes, that’s 1196 houses, less than the 4,000 they originally wanted to build but still more than South Norfolk Council have allocated to Hethersett. And South Norfolk Council hasn’t even decided where the houses should be yet. We only have until 8 December to comment on this planning application so we all need to get reading and commenting! There are a lot of documents there so I’ll try to work my way through in the next few days and see what I can make of it (although I am no expert!).

The majority of us are not planning experts so we have decided that we need professional representation on this – but this will cost so we need donations from the village (you can donate at the Post Office).

The Evening News have published some excellent articles this week exploring the issues around development in the region in their Urban Sprawl or Vital Development series – definitely worth reading.

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