Help keep Hethersett a good place to live

Hethersett has been identified as a major growth location and key service centre in South Norfolk with 1,000 new homes allocated to be built by 2026.
Many Hethersett residents feel strongly about the proposed development and want to have their say to influence the way that Hethersett is developed. This blog aims to keep residents informed about what we can do to make sure Hethersett stays a good place to live and doesn’t become congested with over-stretched facilities.

South Norfolk District Council opened a Local Development Framework consultation on 29th August 2011 which gives local residents the chance to comment on the following policies:

  • Sites suggested for development – there are 24 sites proposed in Hethersett
  • Proposed development boundaries
  • Strategic gaps between Wymondham, Hethersett and Cringleford
  • Landscape character areas and river valleys
  • Areas which contribute to maintaining the landscape setting of the Southern Bypass of the city
  • Protection of important spaces, frontages and key viewpoints
  • Central business and primary shopping areas – Hethersett is considered a large village centre. These centres serve localised areas have little potential for additional growth but provide valuable shops and services for everyday needs. These areas will have a defined Central Business Area.
  • Other designations: Historic Parkland; Hazardous Installations and Underground Pipelines; County Wildlife and Geodiversity sites and Local Nature Reserves; Corridors of movement
  • Settlement Specific Policies
  • Area action plans

The consultation closes 5pm on 18th November 2011.

You can respond online at

By email

By post: Planning and Housing Policy Team
South Norfolk Council
Swan Lane
Long Stratton
NR15 2XE

Any comments from the last consultation (September-November 2010) will be carried forward.

The council will publish its preferred options setting out which sites and boundaries it is supporting in Spring 2012.

Hethersett Land Ltd, who held a public exhibition recently at the Methodist church hall,  has submitted a planning application (2011/1804) for 1196 dwellings and associated uses which was registered on 2 November 2011.

You can view the application online here on the South Norfolk District Council website.

We also have the opportunity to comment on this planning application either online, via email to or by post to Planning, Housing and the Built Environment at South Norfolk District Council the same address as before.

There is some useful guidance on making an objection here:

To make sure we are properly represented during the planning process, at a recent public meeting we discussed employing a planning professional.

There is a cost attached to this – approximately £2,000 – and we will need to raise the funds to pay for this but this would involve just a small contribution per household and could help to influence how our village develops in the future.

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One Response to Help keep Hethersett a good place to live

  1. Anna says:

    All fab advice and if enough of us get together for this, we CAN make a difference. At the very least, why should we let them have an easy ride? It’s maximum gain for the tiny minority over the quality of village life of the whole. Things could worse too, see link below.

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