Information from the recent Hethersett North consultations – your chance to comment

If you didn’t manage to get along to the recent consultations at Hethersett Village Hall we have taken photos of the information provided by both Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon and posted them on this website, along with details of how you can make your views known (click on the links above to see the posts). You have until Wednesday 22 June to comment on the Taylor Wimpey proposals and Wednesday 1 July to comment on the Persimmon proposals.

You can also view the Taylor Wimpey proposals online (which will be easier than trying to read the information on the photos)

In both cases the information relates to Phase 1 of the development which will be to the north of Steepletower beyond Back Lane. We heard from Persimmon that initial construction access will be via Churchfields until they have sold some of the houses to generate enough income to build the new road to join up with Colney Lane.

Concerns were also raised about increased pressure on the doctors surgery and existing facilities. My understanding is that although they will make space available this won’t be until later in the development (and will be dependent on somebody wanting to take that space). The whole development could take 15-20 years apparently.

This is your chance to make your views known – please read the information they have provided and use it. 

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Information from Persimmon consultation

Photos of the information given at the Persimmon consultation at Hethersett village hall earlier this week.

You have a chance to provide feedback by Wednesday 1 July to:
Hethersett Phase 1 Consultation
Persimmon Homes (Anglia)
Persimmon Homes
Colville Road Works
Oulton Broad
NR33 9QS
or email
IMG_7257 IMG_7258 IMG_7259 IMG_7260 IMG_7261 IMG_7262 IMG_7263 IMG_7264 IMG_7265
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Information from Taylor Wimpey Consultation – Hethersett North

Photos of the boards presented at the recent Taylor Wimpey consultation at Hethersett Village Hall. You have a chance to provide feedback by Wednesday 24 June to:

Hethersett Phase 1 Consultation
Webb Associates Public Relations
22 The Point
Market Harborough
Leicestershire LE16 7QU
or email
online at

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Persimmon Homes Public Exhibition Invitation

Received notification of this today:

Persimmon Homes is preparing an application to agree the first details of its first phase of residential development to the north of Hethersett. Residents are invited to find out more by visiting their public exhibition on Wednesday 17 June between 2pm and 7pm at Hethersett Village Hall, Back Lane, Hethersett.

To see a copy of the flyer received go to the Hethersett Our Way Facebook page or Twitter account @HethersettHow

Make sure you go along to the exhibition to have your say on the development. They say “The views of the local community are important to us and will be used to help us shape our emerging scheme.”

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Hello to new followers and how to share and get updates

Firstly thanks to our new followers via Facebook and Twitter and apologies for not posting anything new for a while. As I have explained before, this is not an official blog in any way and was set up to try and keep residents informed about the “Hethersett North” development and how to object. I have no access to any more information than anyone else. When I find something out, I try to post it either here or on our Facebook page or Twitter feed. But due to work and other commitments it is something that I can only do very infrequently.

I recently received a message on Twitter asking “What are you doing to document the recent business break ins? Needs awareness.” I totally agree – when I heard that local businesses had been broken into I was shocked, even more so when I couldn’t find anything in the news about it. But I’m afraid I don’t personally have the time or resources to go and find out more.

If anyone has information that you think should be shared please feel free to share it via our Facebook page or Twitter account @HethersettHOW – although this blog and the Facebook page and Twitter account were set up to share information about the various developments in Hethersett, I’m always happy to share news, good or bad, that relates to our lovely village.

If you want regular updates I recommend that you “like” the Hethersett Parish Council Facebook page which provides some really good updates and visit which has more detailed news articles about our village.

That’s all for now – there will be another post when I have more time or find out anything new …

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Here we go again …

You have probably already seen the article in this week’s Wymondham and Attleborough Mercury telling us that Fleur Developments have resubmitted plans for development of Hethersett Paddock. This time the planning permission is for 22 houses, 5 less than they were planning for earlier in the year. But that’s not the point, is it. More than 80 objections were sent to the council last time (the application was then withdrawn) and residents were objecting to development of the land AT ALL. This is one of the few remaining green spaces in our village and with the massive Hethersett North development already approved, why do we need more houses?

The planning reference is 2014/2429. You can find all the paperwork, including the plans and drawings, here

To object you can make your comments through the following channels as usual:

  • You can email the case officer Tracy Lincoln at
  • You can write to:  Tracy Lincoln, South Norfolk Council, South Norfolk House, Long Stratton, Norwich NR15 2XE
  • You can log in to the South Norfolk Council planning website and leave your comments online

Looks like the closing date for objections will be around 16 December.

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Heathfields and more

So the new development near the waterpower is called Heathfields – ironic seeing as its covering more fields. Building is underway but at least the road is getting a much-needed pathway.

Heathfields development Hethersett

The start of the Heathfields development in Hethersett

Great Melton road new pathway in Hethersett

New pathway on Great Melton Road Hethersett

Which brings us on to the recent issues around road improvements in relation to the Hethersett Land application. South Norfolk Council don’t seem to tell people what the result of consultations are but on their website they have posted the decision which was to approve both amendments with no conditions on 19 September. The committee papers can be found here: 

The local press contacted us recently to ask for some more information about the Heathfields development. Unfortunately I just keep this blog and the Twitter account going, as best I can, to try and keep people in the village up to date with what is happening as I think we should all be aware. I have no more means of finding information out than anyone else in the village and it takes a lot of time (which I don’t really have) to trawl through South Norfolk Council documents and try and understand them (as a layperson and a non-specialist). It particularly frustrates me that even when you respond to a consultation South Norfolk Council don’t email to tell you the result, you have to go looking.

The Hethersett Our Way group ceased to have any real organisation when planning permission was granted to Hethersett Land. However, I feel – as someone who lives here and grew up in the village – that we need to be aware of what is planned, respond to consultations when we are made aware of them and try and ensure Hethersett stays a good place to live. I will try to continue to do this as best I can but if anyone can help with information please do let me know through

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